Easy Ways for Any Prosumer to Upgrade Their Home to a Smart Home

Easy Ways for Any Prosumer to Upgrade Their Home to a Smart Home

It can seem like every day there is a new gadget being released or a new take on an old appliance, like a toaster which you can control with your phone or a coffee machine that knows when you are waking up and prepares to brew your coffee.

And while most people assume that these devices are priced too high to be accessible, the majority of these items are very affordable. If you love the idea of putting more tech into your home, below are some great cost effective ways to do it.


Intelligent Lighting

Upgrading your lighting to a smart lighting system is one of the easiest and rewarding tasks you can undertake when it comes to adding tech into your house. By simply buying a starter kit which includes a varying number of bulbs to use, you simply replace the bulbs in your current home with the ones in the pack.

A simple setup procedure of around five minutes will see you controlling each of your lights with your phone, either individually or as part of groups which you create. Once you have this arranged, help your family members to install the app required on their mobile device so they too can enjoy the benefits of smart lighting.


Smart Locks

Do you love it how you open a hotel room key with a card or even with a special PIN that they provide? Do you wish that you could have similar technology in your home? The good news is that you can, and without spending a lot of money. Warehouse stores like Costco and Home Depot have a range of affordable smart locks which you can install yourself without the need for fancy tools or a professional.

With these installed, you can control access to your home from anywhere you have internet access. It also allows you to create temporary digital keys which you can provide to guests or family members to enter your home during set times of the day and the week. For example, if your cleaner was using a smartwatch from the Groupon Coupons page for Fossil, you could give them access to your home during a set period of time during the week without concerning yourself that there is a spare set of keys sitting at somebody else’s house. Completely digitally. Your cleaner simply touches their smartwatch to your door and it opens.


Robot Vacuum

We know that you have probably heard of these before and maybe even seen them in action. However, the reason why they are on this list is because they are remarkably cheaper than you remember them to be. While the first models which came out were very expensive, advances in technology has seen the price reduce drastically, making these handy gadgets affordable to more people.

If you aren’t familiar with the idea, a robot vacuum is a small disc shaped device which makes it way around your home and removes dirt from your floors. Depending on the type of model you buy, once it is done, it simply returns to its home base-station and recharges while it waits for you to return home and empty it.

Your home is a great place to introduce technology and these are three great and cost effective ways in which you can do just that!

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New Transportation Could Be Coming to Clearwater Beach

New Transportation Could Be Coming to Clearwater BeachIf you’ve ever sat in traffic on your way to Clearwater Beach, you know how frustrating it can be to creep ever so slowly along the Clearwater Memorial Causeway. Then you finally get to the beach and the streets there are congested too.

Monday the city council will talk about new ways to fix the big traffic issues in Clearwater Beach.

One idea is to move traffic to the sky with a new elevated gondola cable car.

The ride would take about 10-15 minutes from downtown Clearwater to the beach.

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Fourth Annual Chalk Sidewalk Art Festival

Fourth Annual Chalk Sidewalk Art Festival

2014 Chalk Sidewalk Art Festival

CLEARWATER BEACH, FL – Chalk it up to a good time. That’s what organizers of this year’s annual Chalk Art Festival hope residents of the Tampa Bay area will do this weekend, Oct. 23-25, as the three-day event kicks off its fourth year on Clearwater Beach.

More than 40 artists are expected to take part in the event, which will line the sidewalk along Beach Walk with larger-than-life chalk art canvases, giving the public a glimpse of the artistic process from start to finish. Read more …

Good times in Clearwater Beach

Good times in Clearwater Beach
Each year some of the most skilled boat-racers, mechanics, and builders come from all over the country to show off their talents in Clearwater Beach, Florida’s annual racing event.

This year, over 5,000 boaters and spectators formed along the coastline between Clearwater Beach and Pinellas county to judge, observe, and enjoy some of the most fastest, high performance boats known to man. 2015 marks the 7th year anniversary of the Clearwater Super Boat National Championship.

With some of the most experienced and knowledgeable racers and boaters, spectators as well as riders can expect to enjoy racing boats upwards of 150MPH, or about 130 KPH. The racing location, points, and paths throughout and around Clearwater Beach are very ideal for high-speed boat-racing and has been a trusted location for years.

Without being there in person, you’re really not getting the full effect! Between the beautiful weather and the sounds of roaring high-performance boat engines you really get the whole package. Racing or riding in a speed-boat at high-speeds is definitely an adrenaline rush, comparable to some of the most intense sports known to man.

Bringing in over 150K spectators and racers each year, it makes this event one of the most profitable annual events for Clearwater Beach and its surrounding towns and businesses.

With energetic fans, dedicated racers, and lots of activities for families this is by far an event you don’t want to miss! If you ask anyone from Clearwater Beach they’ll tell you the same, this is not just a sport or event, but is literally a culture for the natives and fanatics alike!

The 7th Clearwater Super Boat National Championship

The 7th Clearwater Super Boat National ChampionshipThe 7th Annual Clearwater Super Boat National Championship and Seafood Festival kicks off on Friday, September 25th at 12pm at the Baystar Race Village in Downtown Clearwater.

Guests can get up close to the super boats on display in the staging area, meet the racers and enjoy live entertainment. The fun continues at 6pm with the Annual Super Boat International Parade and the Cleveland Street Block Party from 7-11pm.

Festivities crank back up on Saturday, September 26th at 10am with a Seafood Festival in Coachman Park. Guests can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes, refreshments and specialty vendors. Timed trials on the Gulf will be ongoing throughout the day, offering onlookers a sneak peak of Sunday’s races. The day wraps up with a fireworks display after sunset at the beach sponsored by Pier 60 Concessions.

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Clearwater Beach Experiencing Building Boom

Clearwater Beach Experiencing Building Boom

Clearwater Beach Luxurious Opal Sands Resort construction soon to be completed.

If you visiting Clearwater Beach you might notice that it’s too busy and it’s not because of the summer tourism.

Clearwater Beach is experiencing real building boom. The constructions are going on in for different locations Clearwater Beach.

Construction crew is working non stop on a new Holiday Inn, the 181 room Hampton Inn, 15 story Wyndham Grand Resort and the 15 story, 230 room luxurious Opal Sands Resort.

In addition to these four new hotels, a new parking garage in under way.


Hooters Worldwide Wing Eating Championship: Matt Stonie eats record breaking 241 chicken wings

As the world readies for National Chicken Wing Day on July 29, the winning streak continues for top ranked professional eater Matt “The Megatoad” Stonie as he skillfully ate his way to claim the Hooters Worldwide Wing Eating Champion title in Clearwater Beach FL. Stonie ate 241 Hooters world-famous chicken wings in 10 minutes, outperforming Joey “Jaws” Chestnut’s 200 wing tally to end his three-year reign as Hooters champ.

Image Source: Restaurant News Release


Clearwater Beach Is the Top Vacation Family Destination

Florida’s Concierge Group is known for offering travelers the chance to experience the most unique travel perspective out there when it comes to planning their next vacation. During the popular summer travel season, Florida’s Concierge Group goes above and beyond what normal travel providers offer to share tips, destination ideas and so much more in order to help vacationers have the best experience possible.

1. Clearwater Beach: Florida is and always will be known for sunshine, since the state’s nickname is just that. Travelers who visit this area will find plenty of sun and more on the sandy shores of Clearwater Beach. Located on the Gulf of Mexico West of Tampa Bay, this destination is a prime spot for those who wish to plan an amazing beach day trip around the area. Fishing charters can be reserved from Clearwater, or cruise along the water while watching for dolphins and other animals. There are also several exciting water sport options available here like parasailing and wave runners.

2. East Hampton: Everyone enjoys spending time in the Hamptons during the summer, a popular retreat for New Yorkers seeking somewhere to escape the humidity. East Hampton is home to some magnificent homes. The region is perfect for those who like to see unique architecture and real estate. Lily pond is one of the best areas to see these wonderful architectural masterpieces, and afterwards, visitors can spend an afternoon enjoying the beautiful white sand of Main Beach.

3. Myrtle Beach: South Carolina isn’t always the first place people imagine visiting for a beach vacation, but Florida’s Concierge Group shares that this city isn’t short on southern charm. In fact, this east-coast favorite is quite a popular pick during the summer and travelers can find plenty of action at the various amusement parks or on the shores of the area. Whether surfing or sailing, riding rollercoasters and other theme rides or dining on delicious regional seafood, there is something for everyone here.

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There’s Great Times To Be Had In Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida sits on the west coast of the state at just about the middle. It’s nearby cities are Largo and across the bay is Tampa.

Clearwater is a thriving, clean looking city with lots to offer for the tourists around and there’s not much it doesn’t have. It has beaches to compete with the best in the world, hotels, spas, resorts, bistros, many of which are five star, sports, festivals and more.

Businesses thrive here as well thanks to a generous local government and state incentives and benefits. Schools are fine and the population is a mix of people from all over the world.

Since tourism is a major part of Clearwater’s economy, you won’t be hard pressed to find people willing to accommodate you in all areas of tourism. The city has wonderful public transportation to get you to where you want to go and it’s one of the rare cities that doesn’t have a huge homeless or depressed area.

Rents and homes are actually reasonably priced. Many are new structures too. Employment is vigorous, but you don’t need to make a ton of money to live there, sure lots of money would be great, but the single person with an average take home income of $25k could live rather comfortably there.
You’ll find concerts aplenty in the Clearwater area, and boating of course is a major factor. You’ll find boats of all shapes and sizes from fast speedboats to cruise liners.

The weather is gorgeous. One of the biggest adventures in Clearwater are the continual sunny days, and although the thunderstorms can be quite dramatic, they don’t go on for long. Visiting means you’ll have some fun in the sun no matter what.

Back to the food and cuisine. If there’s a cuisine on Earth, you’ll find several restaurants catering to it. From mom and pop shops to extravagant, high end dining. Prices are very reasonable even at the high end places and food is generally fresh, particularly the seafood which is mostly caught nearby or brought in daily from other areas of the state.

Yes, there’s plenty of golf, tennis, water skiing, fishing, and more. There are sports related stores that can outfit anyone in a pinch. This is why Clearwater Beach is such a massive destination. Its history goes back over 100 years and has been developed and redeveloped into the wonder it is today.

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