There’s Great Times To Be Had In Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida sits on the west coast of the state at just about the middle. It’s nearby cities are Largo and across the bay is Tampa.

Clearwater is a thriving, clean looking city with lots to offer for the tourists around and there’s not much it doesn’t have. It has beaches to compete with the best in the world, hotels, spas, resorts, bistros, many of which are five star, sports, festivals and more.

Businesses thrive here as well thanks to a generous local government and state incentives and benefits. Schools are fine and the population is a mix of people from all over the world.

Since tourism is a major part of Clearwater’s economy, you won’t be hard pressed to find people willing to accommodate you in all areas of tourism. The city has wonderful public transportation to get you to where you want to go and it’s one of the rare cities that doesn’t have a huge homeless or depressed area.

Rents and homes are actually reasonably priced. Many are new structures too. Employment is vigorous, but you don’t need to make a ton of money to live there, sure lots of money would be great, but the single person with an average take home income of $25k could live rather comfortably there.
You’ll find concerts aplenty in the Clearwater area, and boating of course is a major factor. You’ll find boats of all shapes and sizes from fast speedboats to cruise liners.

The weather is gorgeous. One of the biggest adventures in Clearwater are the continual sunny days, and although the thunderstorms can be quite dramatic, they don’t go on for long. Visiting means you’ll have some fun in the sun no matter what.

Back to the food and cuisine. If there’s a cuisine on Earth, you’ll find several restaurants catering to it. From mom and pop shops to extravagant, high end dining. Prices are very reasonable even at the high end places and food is generally fresh, particularly the seafood which is mostly caught nearby or brought in daily from other areas of the state.

Yes, there’s plenty of golf, tennis, water skiing, fishing, and more. There are sports related stores that can outfit anyone in a pinch. This is why Clearwater Beach is such a massive destination. Its history goes back over 100 years and has been developed and redeveloped into the wonder it is today.

Image credit: My Sunset Photos