Illinois Real Estate & Homes

Illinois is located in the Midwestern United States. The state capital is Springfield, but the business card of Illinois, without a doubt, is considered to be Chicago. Other major cities in the state include Rockford, Aurora, Peoria, Decatur and Nashville. All of them are beautiful and unique, each in its own way, together forming a single picture of prosperity, well-being and fruitful work.

Numerous parks, squares, groves and green spaces of Illinois give the state an unforgettable comfort. Due to the maintenance of a high level of greenery, the air here is unusually clean and the environment is favorable.

Most of those who want to buy property in the United States, opt for Illinois, and to be more precise Рin its largest city, Chicago. And this is not surprising. As one of America’s most famous metropolises, Chicago attracts many foreigners. Most of the guests of Chicago come here in search of a new life. Therefore, real estate in Illinois remains popular and in demand today.

Property in Chicago

As one of the largest and most developed American cities, Chicago is ranked third in the United States. Today, Chicago is a financial, industrial, commercial, scientific and cultural center. In addition, it is one of the strongholds of higher education and scientific research, possible due to the conditions created on the basis of the leading universities of the city and state. It would not be superfluous to say that almost all educational institutions of Chicago are on the list of the best national universities in the United States.

Chicago is known for its high-rise skyscrapers, most of which are concentrated in the center of the metropolis. Closer to the outskirts the number of high-rise buildings decreases, giving way to private well-kept houses. Almost each of these houses has an adjacent territory in the form of a small infield.

The city has a lot of stadiums, gyms and bike paths. Here they love sports and respect nature. The abundance of parks, squares and other plantations is the best proof of this.

Many tourists are attracted to Chicago by the great lake of Michigan. All conditions have been created here, both for rest and for beneficial work. Many of the visitors stay here forever. To buy a house in Illinois, be it Chicago, or another city, is to live in one of the most favorable places for living. Here you will find a high quality of life, a mild climate and good ecology, a stable economy and reasonable prices for a megalopolis of this class.

Today, many seek to quickly buy a house in the US, while housing prices are still low. The current Chicago is perfect for home purchase, both for the purpose of living and as an additional source of income. In particular, it is possible to rent housing to tourists or students who have come to the city to study.

The average cost of real estate in Chicago is about 200 thousand dollars. For a metropolis of this magnitude, it is quite inexpensive. The price for a new home is slightly higher – about 300 thousand dollars. You can rent housing in Chicago for $ 1600 per month.

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