Good times in Clearwater Beach

Good times in Clearwater Beach
Each year some of the most skilled boat-racers, mechanics, and builders come from all over the country to show off their talents in Clearwater Beach, Florida’s annual racing event.

This year, over 5,000 boaters and spectators formed along the coastline between Clearwater Beach and Pinellas county to judge, observe, and enjoy some of the most fastest, high performance boats known to man. 2015 marks the 7th year anniversary of the Clearwater Super Boat National Championship.

With some of the most experienced and knowledgeable racers and boaters, spectators as well as riders can expect to enjoy racing boats upwards of 150MPH, or about 130 KPH. The racing location, points, and paths throughout and around Clearwater Beach are very ideal for high-speed boat-racing and has been a trusted location for years.

Without being there in person, you’re really not getting the full effect! Between the beautiful weather and the sounds of roaring high-performance boat engines you really get the whole package. Racing or riding in a speed-boat at high-speeds is definitely an adrenaline rush, comparable to some of the most intense sports known to man.

Bringing in over 150K spectators and racers each year, it makes this event one of the most profitable annual events for Clearwater Beach and its surrounding towns and businesses.

With energetic fans, dedicated racers, and lots of activities for families this is by far an event you don’t want to miss! If you ask anyone from Clearwater Beach they’ll tell you the same, this is not just a sport or event, but is literally a culture for the natives and fanatics alike!