Pelican Walk Plaza sold for 14.4 million

Pelican Walk Plaza sold for 14.4 millionA standout amongst the most noticeable milestones in the clearwater shoreline presently has another proprietor. The Pelican Walk Plaza grabbed the eye of individuals around the globe, as the greatest and the most noticeable working in the clearwater shoreline was sold for an astounding $14.4 million.

The working in news, the Pelican Walk Plaza, is known for being the home to Hogan’s Beach Shop and the Brown Boxer bar and grille. According to the reports, the point of interest was sold to an organization that is possessed by the mainstream financial specialist Anthony Caruso. The organization marked the arrangement on the 23rd of July and gained the point of interest for $14.4 million.

Caruso, the prevalent financial specialist, additionally has a home in the Island Estates. Be that as it may, he didn’t react to the remarks in regards to the ongoing securing. The Pelican Walk Plaza was at first claimed by Ben Mallah. Ben Mallah is a property big shot in Tampa Bay. He purchased the historic point in the year 2012 and sold it as of late. Nonetheless, he got it for around $10 million and has today observed a benefit of more than $4 million.

Mallah said that it was time for him to sell the property after all this while. The market for property, unlike before, is at its peak and Mallah had seen the potential for the property for this particular project. Without second thoughts, he announced the sale of the property. Mallah had initially built up the equity. But the property saw its light as the market stabilized and he soon decided to sell the project since it is the right time.

Parts of the Pelican Walk Plaza have been sold earlier. In 2017, Mallah had sold the parking space of the plaza. The parking space was bought by the Paradise group, which was also involved in building the 702-space garage in the same year.

Mallah did not stop just with selling the property in Clearwater beach. Soon after selling the Pelican Walk Plaza, he also sold his Lexington Club Apartments. The Apartments that is situated on the S Missouri Avenue was sold for a whopping $19.4 million. He again saw a profit of $4.4 million more than what he bought the property for in the year 2017.

Mallah has also expressed interest in buying few other great properties in the forthcoming days. One of the interests that he has is over the Tampa Plaza Shopping Center. The shopping center is located on the North Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa. The region is extremely famous for the shopping center and Mallah will buy one of the hotspots of the region if he buys the property. He has already charted out some plans for the shopping center.

As per his interest, he’s planning to convert the plaza into a home improvement center. The place is catching up hot already and Mallah wants the invest money on the property when the interest rate is still low.

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Image credit: Google Maps