Florida Community Housing for Seniors

Florida Community Housing for Seniors

Florida has traditionally been considered the retirement state for many reasons:

  • the tropical climate,
  • cheap life,
  • extensive medical and nursing care.

So the flow of retirees who come here for the winter, or already for life, does not run out.

For this kind of real estate seekers, a special type of community has been created – for older people.

This is done on purpose so that older people would not be uncomfortable around in noisy parties, loud music, as well as children squealing and active games.

In Central Florida, this kind of community is located either in mobile home parks or in condominiums, much less often in private houses.

This type of property is usually lower in price since it requires mandatory approval from the condominium, there are a large number of restrictions on the purchase and significant monthly payments – from 400 to 1000 dollars per month.

They include:

  • land lease (if it is a mobile house),
  • cleaning and mowing of the territory,
  • water,
  • sewerage,
  • garbage disposal,
  • maintenance of the pool and clubhouse,
  • exterior repair (painting walls outside, repair and maintenance of stairs and elevators),
  • a roof replacement (if it is a condominium).

Sometimes in the 55+ community, it is possible to settle people under 55 years old, these can be children or grandchildren of retirees, but these rules need to be learned specifically in each community.

Picture Credit: Unsplash