Townhouse: No Longer an Apartment, But Not Yet a House

Townhouse: No Longer an Apartment, But Not Yet a House

What is a townhouse?

Townhouse translates directly as a country house or a house in a small town. What does a townhouse look like?

In a word, differently. It can be a long two-story house, or it can be a two-story section for two owners. It all depends on the terrain, intersections with streets or rivers.

Often in real estate ads, townhouses are called condos and vice versa, because, in essence, a townhouse is not an individual building, it is always included in some kind of condominium, even if it is facing the street. That is, legally, this housing is called “condo”, and according to the style of construction, it is a townhouse.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of townhouses?

Let’s start with the disadvantages, they are the same as in the condo. There are rules that you must follow – paint the house in a color defined by the house manager, establish corporate order near the house, do not have a fence, a limited number of dogs-cats and their size-weight. The rules may include a limitation on the possibility of renting a house – the minimum lease period, the minimum ownership period, after which you can rent, etc.

The advantages of a townhouse are that you have private parking in front of the house and even a built-in garage. The neighbors from the side are not audible, because a capital wall separates you. Nobody walks “over your head”, does not flood, does not turn on music at 2 a.m. You have your own personal piece of the backyard, sometimes even a very decent one.

The territory of the community is closed, sometimes in the literal sense – not only fenced in and has one entry-exit, but also closed for free entry – there is a rack for entry with a magnetic key.

The territory has all the playgrounds and equipment necessary for recreation and sports.

Now a little more about the construction. The townhouse has two floors. On the ground floor, as a rule, there is a garage, if any, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a half of a bathroom. Bedrooms and baths on the second floor.

Despite the fact that a townhouse can be almost the same or slightly higher price than a condo, it has undeniable advantages – more comfort and less monthly payment.

So the next time you search in a search engine for “cheap apartment in America to buy”, think, maybe it is worth reformulating your query more concisely, already having some information, at least from this article?

So what to choose – an apartment or a house?

I am sure that each of you will answer this question differently. Therefore, the question – what do you want to find, what kind of housing to buy in America, where is it better to live – you will decide deeply on your own, guided by common sense, the size of your wallet, and the level of inner comfort.

Picture Credit: Unsplash