Buying a Home in Florida

Buying a Home in Florida

Florida is an attractive state for acquiring real estate, primarily because of its excellent climate.

What is the reason to buy property in Florida?

The positive aspects of such purchase will be a favorable climate, which is a mixture of tropics and subtropics with incessant summer weather; proximity to the Atlantic Ocean (for lovers of sea travel); and the Gulf of Mexico (for lovers to calmly soak up the sun).

Take a look at the popular areas of Florida

  1. South Florida offers a fully tropical climate
  2. Central Florida is famous for its subtropics and amusement parks
  3. North Florida has a subtropical climate too, but in a colder interpretation, in particular in winter.
  • Central Florida is located around the metropolitan areas of Orlando and Tampa Bay is a very attractive area for seniors on the occasion of the gentle weather in the winter and decent heat in the summer. For children, because of the presence of huge amusement parks such as Disney World, Bush Gardens, Sea World, Lego Land, and many others. The region near Orlando has less rainfall than the coastal areas of the peninsula.
  • The popularity of this area creates a healthy real estate market, offering a good percentage on the return on investment, and turns Florida into a real magnet for buyers of a second home, as well as for investors seeking to purchase real estate for rent. All this blessing is reflected in the prices. But thanks to the raging construction, you still get a decent value for money. Most buyers look for individual pool villas.
  • The Gulf Coast, especially in July and August, does not have an attractive property market for families. However, you will not notice this drawback due to the presence of beaches shrouded in white and crystal clear sand. Besides: sky-blue water, exotic restaurants, and various marinas with luxury yachts. About 60 percent of the wealthiest people in the United States winter either in Naples, Florida, an exclusive resort on the southwestern coast of the peninsula; or in Palm Beach, a city on the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, the coast of the bay is famous for its fairly high prices. Houses on the beach are two or three times more expensive than similar buildings near Orlando. The real estate further from the coast, in the central and northern regions, will seem to many people more affordable.
  • The Atlantic coast stretches from St. Augustine through Daytona Beach to Fort Lauderdale, Miami to the Florida Keys and Key West. This area includes some of the most coveted (and expensive) areas. It such as Palm Beach, where prices reach millions of dollars. However, not all places are identically expensive along the entire Atlantic coast. And, if you look carefully, you can find a three-bedroom house with a swimming pool for about $ 250,000.
  • An apartment in a good area of ​​Miami can be bought for $ 300,000, which is very good, considering how much the city offers: beautiful beaches, blue ocean, uninterrupted nightlife, a variety of architecture, and a constantly warm climate. Many of today’s buyers who benefit from the stressful situation of the Miami stock market are negotiating the most significant discounts available on the international real estate exchange.

Picture Credit: Vitale Homes